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Dawn of the planet of the apes

I interrupt your sexual viewing pleasures for these words…lol…I don’t really watch tv or movies because they trigger my migraines however I am so happy to have watched (Dawn of the planet of the apes)! Just got home and I have to say it is amazing how perfectly they captured the act of war and how relatable it is to the way many different races and religions so often separate themselves out from each other yet for most we are just really trying to find peace within everyday life and all that comes along with it…growing ourselves…our families…loving each other and simply making the best with what life has handed us! War can be bred with just a few extremist and when war happens it forces everyone to defend and protect. There really is no other choice which shows the irony in war! The movie shows how the extremist who cause war usually act out of fear, jealousy, justification, hate and/or just in pursuit of power and having the satisfaction at being deemed the last one standing! It is funny how perspective and attitude makes all the difference between war and peace. The movie shows tender loving moments within families on both sides and the desire for survival simply out of the love of each other and wanting to be there for life’s beautiful moments! I loved what the leader of the apes said…I trusted him because he was an ape! We trust what we are familiar with and distrust the unknown and what is different from us. The thing is if we all trusted and united we would grow in strength, knowledge and resources! In the movie it was said that the apes strength was basically found in needing little “comforts” to survive. So it makes me wonder if we all just appreciated the simplicity of life and the simplicity of what our needs really are and stop pursuing for selfish gain…if we just loved for companionship and no other gain…could we really find world peace?

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