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Okay so the guy I'm seeing right now, we had sex last night for the first time I'm happy it happened but he's a little to gentle for me how do I talk to him about being more aggressive in bed without making him insecure?

I had a friend who had this exact problem…hehe…this advice worked for her so hopefully it will work for you! I told her to share a fantasy with him describing all the things she wanted to incorporate in bed and then right before their sexual play time I told her to ask him if he wanted to do a little role play going along with her fantasy. He was so turned on by her boldness and how hard she came during their session that he started adding some of the moves he did during the role play to there regular play time. Let me know if it works for you and good luck!!!:)OX P.S. In the long run it is always better to be honest and open with your partner…not speaking up can actually create insecurity if a man senses you are not being completely pleased and vice versa! You don’t want to get where you don’t enjoy sex because your needs are not being met. I see so many relationships that break up because they no longer find fulfillment in bed and most of the time it simply comes down to communication!!!:P

You should get Snapchat I have read that you don't, and I'm sure that you have plenty reasons not to But listen to this at least With Snapchat you could post things to your story every morning, it wouldn't take you much more effort than what you're doing now You could also use this to communicate with some of your fans But this is just a suggestion You don't have to do anything Love your blog by the way, it's my favorite since you actually have some self respect Xox - Delta

I would so love to do something like this but my time is already so limited especially now that I am working on my book! I am afraid it will be too overwhelming! I don’t want to start something and not be able to follow through! It is why I uninstalled kik…I had way more people wanting to communicate with me than I could have ever realized! It was very humbling and frustrating at the same time. It meant so much to me that people were interested but I couldn’t keep up and I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings!!! I really am trying to get things situated to where I can focus on being more creative with roleplays, cosplay and musical themed shoots! As for self respect…that comes in many forms…sometimes people like to judge though when two perspectives meet and differ. I happen to think sex and the nude body is a beautiful part of life. It only adds to confusion when we hide it all and make it seem bad! Yes there is negatives in the world of sex but there is negative in almost every avenue in life. I think there needs to be a healthy perspective and balance in all things and that includes sex and the nude body!!! P.S. I do have twitter, Instagram and vine as well! Here are the links to all my links…:)OX

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Your tattoos are lovely... especially the ones on your tits... did it hurt when you got them done?

Thank you so very much! I love my tattoos!!! They have meaning to me and empower me! They remind me every day that we are not meant to be in a cocoon…we were meant to fly!!! Never let circumstances or anyone put you in a box or limit you in life! As far as it hurting…I have a pretty high pain tolerance!!! The worst was the leaf on my left boob closest towards my armpit!!! It was the one and only time I had to make him stop! I also do not like when they scrap the skin first to make sure they capture the design if you can’t handle the longer sessions. When he realized I could handle it he went over the freshly scraped skin and it did not feel good…lol! He only did that with my first session in the very beginning! Other than that the healing is a bit of a nuisance but for me it was worth it all! A little bit of pain and aggravation is a small price to pay to become a living canvas!!! 

Is it safe to taste your own juices?

I do it all the time…on my fingers…on the cock…hehe…I am still here so I am assuming it is safe and it is tasty too…;0

Any tips on anal sex

I just highlighted on this last week. This is so TMI but I so enjoy anal now because of the steps I take! I am all about cleanliness!!!! What I do is a laxative then an anal flush. You can buy enemas or an anal syringe for those too embarrassed to keep buying enemas at your local CVS…lol! After I do both I usually finger myself with personal lubricant or you can slowly put in an anal plug and keep it in while having traditional sex to help prep you…hehe…guys you can so feel it too…lol! I usually have anal sex 3 or 4 times a month! Anything you can do to add to the fun and variety in bed is always a plus although for some woman it is just too painful so it should never be a have to! It should be considered like a bonus…not necessary to get the job done but always appreciated…hehe…;0

Okay. You're the only person I can go to for this? I'm 19m, and I'm so insecure down there, cause everything I see on here (even if it's not porn, but just some random dude) have huge dicks. I'm just average, and I'm worried that I'll never be enough for my future girlfriend or anything. And I want to be, cause for me, sex is about her, and I want it be so good for her. I'm just so insecure and it's not fun to deal with. I've only sent pictures and have gotten nothing but positivity but still.

Honestly average is wonderful! Guys that are well endowed can have issues in being too big. I have had men message me in frustration because every time they have sex they split their partners!!! Also men are not the only ones to be insecure about what is in between their legs so I can empathize with you. I was so insecure about my labias…how my pussy looked…how I tasted and if I was going to be tight enough or too dry…lol!!! Insecurities stem from comparing yourself to other body types and just not having the experience to believe in yourself and your sexual ability! Really small, average…huge…it doesn’t matter!!! If you are relying on your cock to deliver all the pleasure than you are going about it all wrong! Sex is so much more then just penetration! Penetration symbolically means so much but in order to keep things pleasurable in bed you have to realize that there is a whole lot of things you need and can do to please your partner and to be pleased right back! Don’t be offended if she wants you to lick her clit and make her cum that way! Sometimes my pussy is so sensitive afterwards that I can cum with the cock in me afterward where as before I couldn’t. Like wise there are times you will want her to perform oral sex so she shouldn’t take offense that you want to cum in her mouth instead of her pussy!!! Plus there are sooooo many toys…hehe! So being sexy and accomplished in bed has little to do with your cock size…it does have everything to do with confidence…your ability to love her whole body and her loving your whole body right back and trusting each other to explore all avenues and see what gets each other off! So stop overthinking…stop comparing…be you and be proud of the man you are! I am telling you confidence is so damn sexy and is a chick magnet..hehe…good luck!!!:)OX

I love your belly button ring 😋

Thank you!:D I have had it for about 7 years!!! Every time I think about buying something different I change my mind however for photo shoots I have thought it might be fun to change it up a little!!!!:D:D:D:D:D

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